About me


Human male, 40ish, 6' tall, 3 stone overweight and continually slouching slightly. A face that can charitably be described as 'memorable'. If outside, usually dressed in jeans, T-shirt and trainers. If inside and among friends I know well, I'll swap the jeans for a long skirt as I find it a lot more comfortable.


First off, I'm usually very open - sometimes disarmingly so, sometimes distressingly so. I've tried the alternatives, and found that they don't work as well. In general, if the person I'm interacting with doesn't like my openness, I probably don't want to interact with them for very long.

Myers-Briggs typology

If you follow the whole Myers-Briggs thing, I'm INXp. Yes, that's an X. I straddle the boundary between INTP (summarised as 'Architect') and INFP (summarised as 'Healer'). That result is confirmed over 15 years of taking the various computer-administered tests - I drift a few percent either way. I've also drifted into INXj territory a couple of times, notably when depressed.

What does that mean? The links above will give you more information, but if you catch me in a 'work' mood then expect a generally easy-going thinker who will nevertheless probe ideas and preconceptions very hard. I'm not always easy-going, however. I have a distressing habit of 'correcting' anyone who holds a belief that I can demonstrate to my own satisfaction to be untenable. My apologies to the people who've run into this over the years. I hope you've recovered from the trauma!

If you catch me in a more mellow mood then expect whimsical conversation, peppered with vivid and unexpected metaphors as I play with language and with situations. If I'm playing a game socially, for example when role-playing or board gaming, then I'll usually play in this mode - I'm much more interested in finding out what makes the game tick than in winning. If I'm on a social MUD such as UglyMUG, expect some very odd happenings.

I have a small circle of close friends. For some reason, I seem to get more people than usual who choose to be open with me. This may be due to my own habit of being very open, or the 'healer' aspect described above.

People around me

My wife, friend, and companion.